Dr. Phukan’s Dental Multispeciality Orthodontic & Implant Centre is established and located at Mina Complex, Near NRL Petrol Pump, Jayanagar road, Six Mile, Guwahati.The multispeciality clinic is established with the purpose of providing all kinds of advance dental treatments like Implants, Braces (including Invisisble, Lingual, Metal, Ceramic), Cosmetic procedures like Smile designing ,Teeth Whitening,Tooth jewellery,veneers with Precision and other kinds of prosthetic dental attachements etc. It is a speciality centre for braces, implant and full mouth rehabilitation. The clinic have got its specialists to treat your gum problems(Periodontist)and placing Implants(Oral Implantologist) too. Our principle is: “WE ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE TO OFFER YOU THE BEST.” We would like our patients to be fully informed, because informed patients are better prepared to make decisions regarding their health & well being. Our approach is not just limited to providing treatment but full mouth care & to promote health. That is the reason we have incorporated an extensive section on this web site covering full array of topics associated with dentistry, dental diagnosis & treatment.

We encourage you to go through the information in our website, read more about oral hygiene and prevention of oral disease and discuss your dental concerns with us. Dentistry has been practiced since 7000 BC & finds its roots in the Indus Valley Civilization. Dental problems have always been a matter of concern for patients. Improper oral hygiene and eating habits are the major causes of various dental problems. Fortunately dentistry has technologically advanced over the last few decades. Sophisticated equipment and materials and improved treatment techniques, have helped to treat patients with minimal pain.

This modernization has brought dentists and patients closer allowing them to overcome the fear of dental treatment. India has become the hub of some of dental tourism. With minimal treatment cost, world class dental materials and expertise of global standards, India is the first choice of patients looking for cost effective quality dental treatment outside their country.

Teeth are the first thing noticed by a person one is interacting with, a person with a dazzling smile leaves an everlasting impression on others. Modern Dentistry has advanced to a new level and nearly all oral problems are treated now, giving one the smile one always desired. So why suffer from crooked, broken, stained teeth and other dental problems? Come to Dr. Phukan’s Dental Multispeciality Orthodontic & Implant Centre