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Have you been suffering from tooth diseases or dental problems lately? Thinking of scheduling an appointment with a reputed dentist? Visiting an experienced dentist can indeed be the key to ensure good oral health. Wondering what to expect from the dental visit? No worries! Simply take a look below to learn about the dentist visit and what to expect.

dental clinic in Guwahati

Whether it is regular check-up or some emergency tooth problem, visiting a professional dentist can be your most viable option. From kids and teenagers to adults and elderly persons, dental clinics can provide comprehensive services for patients of all ages. When you visit for the first time, dentists will take a full health history to determine the right treatment for your problem. Scheduling an appointment with a renowned dental clinic in Guwahati can thus be very beneficial.

Still perplexed about the experience of the first dental visit? Read on.

What Happens During A Visit To The Best Dental Clinic in Guwahati

  • Meeting The Hygienists & Assistants

When you walk into a dental clinic for the first time, you will be introduced to the skilled team of hygienists and assistants who support dentists. It is these people who are responsible for cleaning your teeth, conducting x-rays and doing other significant jobs at the dental clinic. Meeting with them beforehand can help you develop a level of comfort.

  • Health History

Before getting started with cleaning and examining your teeth, the experts at the clinic will try to get to know more about your oral history. The hygienist will talk about the medical information you filled out in the patient form to get an idea of your health’s history. From the surgeries you have had so far to the medications you are currently taking, they will get every detail of your health.

  • A Complete Cleaning

Checkups include a thorough cleaning, either from an experienced dentist or a dental hygienist. By utilising special equipment, specialists scrape below your gum line, removing the tarter and plaque which can cause cavities, gum diseases, bad breath and all other problems. Depending on your needs, the hygienist may even polish your teeth.

  • A Full Oral Examination

The dentist will do a thorough examination of your mouth, teeth and gums. He/she will even search for signs of tooth diseases or other oral problems. Since dentists are committed to helping patients maintain good oral health, a visit to the best dental clinic in Guwahati can help you prevent tooth diseases from becoming too serious.

  • X-Rays

Depending on what your age is, your dentist may recommend X-rays after considering the symptoms and risks of your disease. X-rays can diagnose tooth problems often unnoticed like impacted teeth, damage to jawbones, tumours, cysts and decay stuck between the teeth.

How Long Should You Go Between Visits?

If your gums and teeth remain in good condition, you won’t have to return to the dentist for the next 3-6 months. In case further treatment like repairing a broken crown, filling a cavity or removing a wisdom tooth is required, consider making an appointment.

Time to make an appointment with a reputed dental clinic!

When it comes to dental hygiene and care, no measures can be considered too much. You should make regular trips to a good dentist as well as take good care of your teeth yourself as well. However, there are certain myths that have come to associate themselves with dental hygiene, not all of which are true. Read on to know the differences between the fiction and the facts about dental care.

Dental Myths – Facts vs. Fiction

  • White Teeth equal Healthy Teeth

One thing that everyone believes is that if a person has teeth that are white, it is an indication that they are healthy. The fact is, however, the colour of the teeth is not indicative of their good health. Dentists ascertain the health of your teeth by checking the gum health, cavities (or lack thereof), and health of the jaw bone. You should always concentrate on having healthy teeth, even if they are not pearly white.

  • Braces are for Children

Another myth that is quite common is, only children can get braces for their teeth. This is also untrue as, in fact, braces can be put in place by anybody. While it is true that braces work best when they are used at an early age, even adults can get them to make sure that they have a well-aligned set of teeth. With the current advancements, braces can be made to be practically invisible, ensuring that there is no embarrassment for the person wearing it.

  • Brushing and Flossing

There is a misconception that goes hand-in-hand with dental hygiene is that if a person brushes properly, he or she does not need to floss. As mentioned earlier, no measure can be considered excessive when it comes to dental care, so even if you brush your teeth twice every day, the need to floss remains, as it cleans the area between the teeth, something that toothbrushes tend to miss.

  • Bleeding Gums is Commonplace

This is one of the more interesting myths. It is actually a sign of gum disease and necessitates a visit to a dental clinic in Guwahati without delay. When hard deposits that stick to your teeth get accumulated for a long time, it leads to the gums becoming swollen and starts to bleed. If left untreated, a disease in the gums can result in the loss of teeth.

  • Scaling Damages Teeth

Scaling is the process that removes the deposits that get stuck to your teeth over a period of time. Getting your teeth scaled at regular intervals makes sure that these deposits are removed and also gives a healthy look to your teeth. However, nothing done in excess can be good, so if you are prone to go for scaling your teeth at frequent intervals can damage the enamel. Doing it on a yearly basis has no risks involved as long as the dentist has good hands.

As evident from the above points, the myths do not have any truth attached to them. Now that you know about their fallacy, you can care for your dental hygiene in a better way.

For someone not aware of the term yet, malocclusion is basically the condition when the alignment of your teeth is not perfect even when the jaws are closed. It is basically the medical term used to denote crooked or overcrowded teeth. Both adolescents and adults suffering from this condition should be given immediate attention as it affects their social acceptability.

There are numerous Orthodontic centres scattered all over Guwahati, all you need to do is approach one offering affordable and effective oral equipment and staying away from the health issues of malocclusion will become easier for you. The orthodontist should have prior experience in treating malocclusion and tooth misalignment.

Orthodontic Centre in Guwahati

Know The 4 Health Issues Related With Malocclusion Before Approaching An Orthodontic Centre In Guwahati

  • Tooth Decay

The basic truth about malocclusion is that it will not only affect your beauty but also lead to tooth decay as cleaning them properly is almost like a challenge. Even if you try your level best to maintain oral hygiene, you brush can’t reach every corner of your teeth where bacteria might be hiding. Every orthodontist is aware of the fact that a cavity not only affects the mouth but can also lead to health issues like Alzheimer and heart diseases in the future.

  • Damaged Tooth Enamel

If you notice that your teeth have worn down, it might be because the tooth enamel has damaged. This can further lead to tooth decay. Though enamel is considered to be the hardest substance in our body, the misaligned teeth can wear it down with the passage of time making it incapable of protecting the softer part of our teeth from microbes. They also become susceptible to cavities if abnormal wear and tear have been the reason why the tooth enamel has broken down.

  • Jaw Problems

The number of people visiting an orthodontic centre in Guwahati with jaw problems has enhanced in the last few years. Jaw pain generally happens when the tooth enamel faces abnormal wear and tear which erodes it and it becomes susceptible to cavities. How the human jaw will operate is dependent on the arrangement of their tooth. The only way to stay away from the long-term jaw problem is by getting the issue of malocclusion treated by an experienced dentist.

  • Speech Difficulties

How you form words and communicate is largely dependent on the shape of your mouth. If a young child has been affected with malocclusion, shaping words will become difficult for him and he will face speech problem from a very young age. Not only will this have a negative impact on his self-esteem but even social interaction will become a daunting task for him. He won’t like performing in school which will have a negative impact on his academic and social life.

The easiest way to stay away from the health issues of Malocclusion stated above is by approaching a renowned orthodontic centre or Visit Dr Phukan Orthodental.

Do you hesitate to smile openly in public? Have you been yearning for the best smile since years? Well, when done by experts, cosmetic dentistry can bring back your self-confidence and improve the appearance of an individual. Wondering how to determine if it’s the right time to seek cosmetic dentistry? Read on.

Neglecting your dental conditions can affect your overall life and lead to a range of medical problems. While you may not have chipped or decayed teeth yet, there may be few underlying problems that still affect your overall health and life. Addressing these issues on time can significantly boost your self-esteem and improve your dental condition. Moreover, approaching a reputed cosmetic dental centre in Guwahati can be the ideal way to restore your oral health.


Below are some tell-tale signs that you should pay a visit to a leading cosmetic dentist!

Few Signs Which Indicate The Need For Approaching A Cosmetic Dental Centre In Guwahati

  1. Severe Jaw Pain

If you have a habit of clenching your jaw, the pressure may cause discomfort which eventually causes pain in your jaw joint. Besides terrible jaw pain, it may even cause teeth misalignment, mouth soreness and severe headaches. Seeking the assistance of a cosmetic dentist should be considered as essential for health improvement.

  1. Unappealing Smile

Having an unappealing or awkward smile can significantly damage your self-esteem. The poor condition of your teeth can stop you from smiling openly when around others. You may be self-conscious about exposing your crooked, stained or chipped teeth. There are higher chances that this may soon get you into depression or social anxiety. Paying a visit to a leading cosmetic dental centre in Guwahati can turn your life around, helping you smile openly.

  1. Broken or Chipped Tooth

Whether your teeth are chipping off or you broke it in a recent accident, getting a porcelain veneer can be the ideal solution for you. Seeking the services of a qualified cosmetic dentist can be an informed decision in such cases. Get in touch with an experienced dentist and he will guide you on the veneer that matches your teeth.

  1. Difficulty In Chewing

Facing difficulties in chewing indicate that you have misaligned or crooked teeth. Being able to chew correctly is a necessity for all to let the essential vitamins and nutrients get into the human body. And, cosmetic dentistry is the best possible way to solve your chewing problem. By using few oral appliances, the dentist may help you get your teeth aligned properly.

Did you notice any of the signs above? Quickly book an appointment with a leading cosmetic dental clinic!

Have you been suffering from dental problems lately? Are you someone who is afraid of dentists? Does the very thought of a masked individual operating in your mouth, with or without the high-pitched sound of drilling make you squeamish as a baby? Fret not.

Cosmetic Dental Centre in Guwahati

Knowing what to look for in a professional while seeking dental treatment can greatly assist you in this entire pain-staking process. Doing a thorough research while selecting a dentist who meets your individual needs is as significant as choosing the perfect house which fits your lifestyle.

Picking a qualified professional is really important since he can greatly contribute to choosing the best treatment at affordable prices. However, with every professional claiming to be good, choosing a trusted dentist can be really difficult. It is here that the need for prior knowledge comes into the picture!

Here are a few attributes which you must look for in a qualified professional!

5 Attributes To Look For While Choosing A Dentist In Guwahati

  1. Patient-Focused Practice

Every patient is unique in their oral care needs. Thus, you should look for an orthodontic centre in Guwahati which has a team of dentists who specialise in catering to the needs of patients specifically. From discussing the treatment options with you to answering the questions which you may have, the right dentist will do his best to provide his patients with a great experience.

  1. A Wide Selection Of Dental Treatments

Look for a qualified dentist in your area who specialises in providing a range of dental treatments so that you will never have to visit any other dental care centre. Reputed dentists can assist you in maintaining a good oral health by offering a range of dental care services. From cosmetic dentistry and root canal treatment to teeth whitening and full mouth rehabilitation, an experienced dentist in Guwahati can easily cater to all ages and dental care needs.

  1. Advanced Technology

Over the years, several digital technologies have proliferated in dentistry, dramatically improving the quality of care. This is highly significant for dental treatments and is even crucial to detecting some major oral health issues. Thus, you should look for a reputed dental clinic which boasts of sophisticated equipment and advanced technology to provide better treatment with minimal pain.

  1. Friendly And Reasonable

Patients are always recommended to visit dentists regularly for check-ups. These small and regular visits which entail follow-ups and treatments will amount to a significant time period when you add up. Qualified dentists at a leading implant centre in Guwahati can offer affordable dental care options to ensure that the treatment fits your budget.

  1. Focuses On Comfort

Patients often experience jitters before undergoing an operation and thus you should look for a dentist who prioritises the comfort of patients. Be it a simple appointment or a major operation, a well-qualified dentist can minimise any stress or anxiety which you may be experiencing about your upcoming appointment.

Now that you are aware of the vital attributes, what’re you still waiting for? Find a leading dentist and start benefiting from great dental services!

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Approaching A Dental Clinic in Guwahati? Know The Factors To Consider!

Having white, healthy, aligned and beautiful teeth is something everyone wants. No wonder, the services offered by dental clinics or Orthodontics centre are gradually enhancing. They offer a wide range of services to enhance the beauty of your smile. If your teeth aren’t straight naturally, one of the cosmetic treatments you can consider is braces. A majority of the cosmetic dental centre offers braces at a price that suits your budget.

Braces Centre in Guwahati

Cleaning misplaced, crowded or crooked teeth are too difficult and this can lead to tooth decay with the passage of time. Whether you are opting for braces to prevent some sort of medical issues or have some cosmetic reasons, you can undergo the treatment with complete peace of mind. But if you still can’t understand whether you need braces or not, there are a few symptoms indicating that you should.

4 Early Symptoms Indicating That You Need Braces

  • Examine The Teeth

Have a look at the mirror and check whether your teeth look crooked or crowded. If the position of the teeth seems imperfect when the jaws are closed, it indicates that you are suffering from malocclusion. If it looks that your teeth are overlapping each other, protruding significantly from those beside it or sitting sideways, just undergo braces from a reliable Cosmetic Dental Centre in Guwahati. Treating crowded teeth becomes easier with braces.


  • Teeth Too Apart

When you look in the mirror, don’t just look for crooked or crowded teeth but also check whether they seem too far apart. Proportionally smaller teeth, missing teeth or large gaps between teeth can lead to greater teeth problems. The functioning of your jaw and bite can become faulty. Braces offered by almost every Orthodontic Centre in Guwahati helps a lot in dealing with the issue of improper spacing between teeth.


  • Check Your Bite

Take a bite and check whether all your teeth are properly fitting together. There are situations when people notice that the space between their lower and upper teeth is too large or one of them is significantly protruding the other. If you are also facing a similar situation, it is a clear indication that you are suffering from a bite problem which can be corrected by opting for braces. If you are facing crossbite too frequently, visit a dental clinic in Guwahati and ask the dentist whether you need braces.


  • Food Getting Stuck

Since this is a quite common issue, people often tend to neglect it as a sign that they need to undergo brace treatment. This is why visiting a reliable dental clinic is a must if food is getting stuck in your teeth on a regular basis. Stuck food becomes a breeding place for bacteria and leads to tooth decay or complicated gum diseases. Braces help in getting rid of those pockets and gaps.

These being said, it’s time you approach a reliable cosmetic dental centre in your area if you are facing any of the symptoms stated above or else visit Dr Phukan Orthodental

Do you wish to maintain a good oral hygiene? Are you under the impression that every dental clinic is same and the one closest to you can get the job done?

Think about this for a second- you are finalising on a team of professionals who will shape your dental health. Don’t you feel that you should choose a reputed orthodontic centre which can take care of your pearly whites?

Cosmetic Dental Centre in Guwahati

It isn’t just about your oral hygiene, but it’s about your family too. Thus, you need to choose a diligent team of qualified dentists whom you can really trust for your oral health. However, with the wide availability of dental clinics, choosing the right centre becomes more difficult. Having a prior knowledge of the vital considerations can, therefore, help you in choosing the best cosmetic dental centre in Guwahati.

Here are a few essential factors you must consider while choosing a dental centre!

5 Factors To Consider While Choosing A Dental Clinic In Guwahati

  1. Credentials Of The Dentist

Your first step is to inquire about the license and professional training of the dentist. The dentist should be well-trained and have years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases. You should even check his qualifications and ensure that he enjoys a strong reputation in the local community.

  1. Patient Reviews

Other than seeking recommendations from your friends, neighbours and acquaintances, you should even examine the reviews posted by patients who have availed the clinic’s services in the past. Look for a reputed orthodontic centre in Guwahati which enjoys positive customer reviews since good ratings indicate that the patients are satisfied with their experience.

  1. Inquire About The Spectrum Of Services

Your next step is to inquire about the working hours of the dental centre and the availability of emergency services. Dental treatment procedures like root canal treatment, crowns and bridges require frequent visits and thus choosing a good clinic in the vicinity of your house can be beneficial. Check if the environment of the clinic is suitable for patients of all age groups. You should even check if the centre has a positive environment.

  1. The Range Of Dental Treatment

You should do your homework beforehand and look for a renowned dental clinic in Guwahati which specialises in offering extensive treatments to children, adults as well as elders. These services should include cosmetic dentistry, full mouth rehabilitation, root canal treatment, teeth whitening, dental implants, etc. You should even check if the clinic boasts of sophisticated equipment, cutting-edge technology and premium quality materials to treat its patients with minimal pain.

  1. The Dental Team’s Attitude

Along with the dentists, you should even check the attitude of other dental and non-dental staff in the clinic. Friendly and co-operative assistants, orthodontists and other members of the dental team together contribute to a positive experience. A compassionate dentist can advise you on a myriad of situations and even suggest the treatment that is best for you.

Now that you are aware of the vital considerations, what are you still waiting for? Quickly find a reputed dental clinic and start benefiting from exemplary dental services!

Improving your ‘orofacial’ appearance gets easier with braces. It is one of the most common orthodontic treatments used by patients suffering from crowded or crooked teeth, jaw joints disorder or incorrect jaw position. If you are having difficulties in chewing or biting food or feel that your teeth are protruding, approach a renowned orthodontic centre and let your orthodontist assess the issue first. They can even answer your few queries about braces so that you can undergo the treatment with complete peace of mind.

Continue reading

Implant Center in Guwahati

Do you think it’s high time you get a natural replacement for your missing teeth? Are you on the lookout for a good implant centre which can provide you with the best natural solution? Still perplexed on the ways to choose the right dental clinic? No worries. All you need to do is have a quick look at the steps which you need to follow for making an informed decision! Continue reading

Braces Centre in Guwahati

Are you planning to get braces soon? Now that the appointment is set, are you getting those jitters? Wondering what to expect out of your dental treatment? No worries. All you need to do is learn the essential things which you should know before, during and after your treatment!

No matter whether the dental specialist has recommended for your tooth alignment or you are self-conscious of your smile, nothing can be more beneficial than getting braces. What makes this treatment beneficial for all is its feasibility. However, it often happens that patients have certain misgivings about the treatment. Educating yourself about the braces can thus be a wise consideration since it will help you prepare for your life before, during and after getting these devices.

Keep reading to check out everything you need to know about getting these orthodontic devices!

3 Things to Know Before Choosing A Braces Centre In Guwahati

  • Braces Won’t Hurt Much

It’s true that when you get the braces on your teeth for the first time, you may feel soreness in your teeth. However, with periodic visits and over-the-counter medicines, you may be relieved within a couple of days. Once your tooth gets used to these devices, you won’t feel any soreness or pain.

  • Life Will Not Change Much

Do not think that getting these devices is a major event in your life where people will treat you differently since you look funny. In case you think so, simply step out and observe other people. You will notice that there are many people out there, both adults and kids, who use these devices.

  • You Will Look Great After Your Treatment

In case you have any misgivings, simply keep in mind how great you will look after getting the devices from a reputed braces centre in Guwahati. Though the treatment may last for some time, your beautiful smile will last a lifetime.

Few Aspects to Consider During Your Treatment

  • You Will Have To Change Your Diet

Crunchy food can strain your jaw and even weaken the orthodontic glue, causing the brackets to pop off. Sticky and chewy foods can get stuck in brackets, causing tooth decay. Thus, to avail exemplary results of your treatment, you must alter your diet a little and avoid consuming some food.

  • Clean Your Teeth Diligently

Regardless of how good your brushing habits are, with brackets, you have to up your cleaning habits somewhat. Get diligent about cleaning your teeth properly and put in some more effort. Abide by the guidelines prescribed by your orthodontist.

Few Things You Must Know After Getting Your Devices

  • You Need To Wear A Retainer

It’s quite obvious that during your orthodontic treatment, your teeth underwent a shift from one place to another. They need to settle in their new places while the supporting structure solidifies. Wearing a retainer can thus be a good way to prevent your tooth from shifts.

  • Schedule A Dental Cleaning

Keeping up with bi-annual tooth cleaning is important while you have braces. This is because once they are off, the parts of your teeth which haven’t been cleaned will be exposed. Getting your teeth cleaned professionally is essential for good oral health.

Now that you are aware of everything related to braces, what are you still waiting for? Visit a leading orthodontist today and be free from all your dental concerns!