img1039Dental jewel is a special decoration, which can be made of gold, platinum or crystals, but a combination of precious stone and metal is also not unheard of. It can be shaped as the one’s initials, symbols or whatever that helps express the personality of its owner. Leading jewellery manufacturers have seen the opportunity early enough, so each manufacturer now offers its own collection of dental jewels. It only enhances the demand for these gimcrack ornaments that an increasing number of media stars, popular with the youth, are wearing jewels on their teeth.
Procedure of fixing the jewel on the tooth can only be performed by a qualified dentist – do not try it at home! – who places the chosen jewel on a properly cleansed tooth with a harmless adhesive. The process nowadays takes three to five minutes, with no drilling or any pain, and requires no special preparations. However, it is recommended to have the teeth whitened prior to getting a dental jewel, as the shiny little ornament will only look good on impeccably white teeth.
img1040Once the owner is bored with the jewel, it can be removed or replaced at any time. Dental jewels do not hinder eating, drinking and brushing and it gives its owner an attractive look.
Tooth jewels come in many shapes and stones. There are gold and white gold jewels with designs such as, stars, hearts, motor cycles, crosses, golf balls, butterfly’s, etc. Jewels come in many colors including, amethyst, blue, pink, white, and red.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Jewellery

Am I a suitable candidate for application of a dental jewel?

If you desire to endow your smile with a jewel and the teeth to which the jewel should be attached are healthy, you can be a suitable candidate for this treatment.

Does the procedure require any anesthesia?

The application of dental jewel is completely painless and does not require any anesthesia.

Does the jewel impede brushing?

No, the presence of the gem will not make any difference regarding dental hygiene. However, it is recommended not to use an electric tooth brush for the first 24 hours after the jewel has been attached.

Is it possible to remove the jewel?

The dental jewel is attached to the tooth with a substance, which does not damage the enamel, it is therefore possible to remove it or change it without consequences.

How long does the dental jewel last?

The dental jewel can last a relatively long time, it is however limited by the stress put on the decorated tooth and dental care. If the jewel gets loose unexpectedly, it is possible to reattach it without consequences.

Can I feel the jewel on my tooth?

These jewels are only 0.4mm or 0.9mm thick and 1.8mm to 3mm in diameter. Initially something on your tooth will feel different, but a few days after the application you will get used to the new feeling.

Features :

  • No Drilling
  • No Holes
  • Painless
  • Does Not Harm Tooth
  • Temporary
  • The jewellery does not tarnish, corrode or wear down.
  • You can place a single piece or multiple pieces of tooth jewellery on one or several teeth.
  • The procedure is totally painless and the tooth is not damaged in any way. The tooth jewellery does not cause any harm to the lip, cheek or gum.
  • We only use jewellery that is accredited and specifically designed to be bonded to teeth.
  • Unlike a tattoo or body piercing the tooth jewellery can be easily removed or changed by a dentist and your tooth will not be damaged.
  • Stylish
  • Safe
  • Easy to apply