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Clinic Location NEW MINA COMPLEX, Jayanagar Rd, below CAFE WINGS, near BHARAT PETROL PUMP, Six Mile, Guwahati, Assam 781022 Google Map Location Clinic Location (2) Phukan’s Residency, House No. 10, Near Kid Veda Jayanagar Centre, Guwahati, Assam-781022 Google Map Location

About Us

Dr.Phukan’s Dental Clinic was established in 26th JUNE   2016   at Jayanagar  area Six Mile,Guwahati. Dr.Raktim Phukan the founder and owner of “ Dr.Phukan’s Dental Orthodontic and Braces Centre ”is a Dentist and Orthodontist(Certd) who maintains his private dental practice mainly on Orthodontic and Dental Braces treatment.The Dental Clinic is specially an Orthodontic Clinic along with all round facilities for all patients in different fields of dentistry.

Renowned dentist & Orthodontist in Guwahati

Dr.Raktim Phukan  completed his BDS(BACHELOR OF DENTAL SUGERY) from NSVK SVDCH  Bengaluru ,Karnataka  in 2013.After that he completed his Post Graduation Certification  in Orthodontics from 2014-2016,and became  a Orthodontist(Certd) in 2016.He gained massive and numerous  experiences of his speciality field Orthodontics by doing Dental Braces and Aligners of over more than  400 cases till date in last 6 years. His focus is always “Offering you the best”.

Offering Specialized Dental Treatment

Dr.Raktim Phukan does all kinds of dental treatments  like metallic  braces ,ceramic braces,Aligners etc.He is one of the best Orthodontist and Dental Braces Specialist in Guwahati.He has bought a new smilemakeover  to various patients through his dental braces treatment. Over the years, we have projected ourselves as one of the most reputed speciality centre offering dental implants, braces and rehabilitation of your mouth. People approaching us for placement of oral implants or treatment of gum problems can also expect outstanding dental work.

Our Dentists - Our Pride

At Dr Phukan’s Dental Multispeciality Orthodontic & Implant Centre, we believe that the experience, knowledge and expertise of our doctors in Guwahati are the base of our success. They analyse your dental condition before selecting the right treatment and procedure. If you are looking for complete dental solutions at reasonable prices, get in touch with our dentists today.

Orthodontic Care

We  are Specialised in creating Smile designs by Orthodontic dental braces changing a person’s look profile and face both extra orally n intraorally.People have to undergo dental braces treatment at least for a year or more with good discipline patience and oral hygeine to achieve wonderful results.Monthly visit to the orthodontist is a must.

Orthodontics and dental braces cases

Our Dentists

At Dr. Phukan’s Dental Multispeciality Orthodontic & Implant Centre analyze your dental condition before selecting the right treatment and procedure. If you are looking for complete dental solutions at reasonable prices, get in touch with our dentists today.

Dr. Raktim Phukan

BDS,PGCO (Dental Surgeon in Orthodontist)

Dr. Binashree Choudhury

BDS, CERT (Endodontics)

Dr. Tanmoy Nath

BDS, MDS (Oral Surgeon)

Dr. Anutpal Gogoi

BDS, MDS (Periodontist)

Dr. Manash Kalita

BDS, MDS (Prosthodontist)

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Orthodontic Care

We are A Full Service Dentistry Practice

Teeth are the first thing noticed by a person one is interacting with, a person with a dazzling smile leaves an everlasting impression on others. Modern Dentistry has advanced to a new level and nearly all oral problems are treated now, giving one the smile one always desired. So why suffer from crooked, broken, stained teeth and other dental problems? Come to Dr. Phukan’s Dental Multispeciality Orthodontic & Implant Centre.

There was a midline gap in between my two front teeth .It was closed by dental orthodontic braces treatment..Dr Raktim was very nice,friendly n informative.He provided quality service….thank u so much for the excellent dental care…😊😊😊

Mou Gogoi

Had a amazing experience at Dr Phukan’s Braces and Orthodontic Clinic . I had my teeth alignment done here. All the doctors and staff have been very helpful. I would definitely recommend going here.
Komal Sanhotra

I had a clean and polish recently and I was impressed with with Dr Phukan’s treatment. I found his dental clinic immaculately clean. I also was happy with the calm atmosphere in his clinic.

Nishita Das

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10.00 am to 2.00 pm 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm Sunday on appointment only (10.00 am to 1.30 pm)