Root canal has been a source of fear for many. Most of the patients visiting orthodontists are scared about the exaggerated treatment options they might have to undergo. However, the root canal is not as bad as it seems. To get rid of irrational fears, visit the best orthodontist in Guwahati. They will describe the process before arranging a root canal treatment for the patient. Discussing the apprehensions related to root canal treatment with the orthodontist makes the treatment process smoother.

Here’s a list of points you must keep in mind to know more about root canal treatment. In this blog, the focus has been on pointing out the important facts about root canal therapy.

Learn more about root canal treatment before availing the same.

4 Myths about Root Canal Treatment

No Pain, No Root Canal

The orthodontist has suggested many patients start with root canal treatment. However, as the pain subsides, they generally don’t go for the treatment. When the pulp dries, the bacterial pain might subside. If you think you can avoid root canal treatment under such situations, you’re wrong. The infection later reaches the roots, which can be fatal for the gums.

It is a Painful Process

Root canal treatments have a bad reputation for being a painful process. However, this is a complete myth. Pain caused during the treatment is minimal and bearable and depends on the extent of infection you might have in your teeth. Moreover, the orthodontist will apply local anaesthesia over the affected area before performing the treatment.

Root Canal Aftercare is not Important

Root canal generally weakens the teeth; hence, you must start taking extra care and properly maintaining your teeth after the treatment has been completed. However, people feel that there’s no need to take many initiatives to maintain the same once the treatment has been done. This is a completely wrong decision leading to further damage.

Antibiotics Instead of Root Canal

Many people think that they can get healed of the pain with high dosage antibiotics rather than opting for a root canal. Antibiotics might be useful in reducing the pain temporarily; however, root canal treatment is essential to help you improve your oral health and get rid of the bacterial infection completely.

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