Choosing a new dental clinic for visiting a dentist for the first time is an important decision. After all, a dentist plays a crucial role in understanding the overall health and well-being of the oral gums and teeth. Hence choosing the right dentist for the job is essential. It would be best to be careful when searching for a dental clinic for the first time. Make sure to select the right dentist. Since you will trust them with your oral problems, they should have proper knowledge, skills and experience to handle the same.

Here’s a list of questions you can ask a dentist before fixing them as your permanent dental care clinic.

What Questions Can You Ask A Dentist On Your First-time Visit?


What is Your Specialisation?

Ask the dental care clinic about their specialities for the patients. Once you’ve determined the clinic’s specialities, you can be sure of the best type of dental treatment you can avail of. For instance, if the clinic provides cosmetic and general dentistry, you can approach the same for all oral problems.

What are The Dental Treatments You don’t Offer?

For emergencies, you must get an idea of the dental treatments that the clinic does not offer. For instance, you will come across many clinics that do not offer child orthodontics, dental implants, senior dental treatments and restorative dentistry services. If you have a requirement for any of these dental treatments, you will not be able to approach the clinic in times of emergency.

How Many Patients do you Attend on Average?

If you enquire about the number of patients that visit the clinic daily, you will get an idea of how busy the clinic is, which will give you a fair idea about the reputation of the clinic. If the clinic has many patients, it shows its positive reputation and will help you with all types of emergency dental treatments.

What Check-up Schedule is Recommended?

Dental clinics generally have a predefined schedule tailored to fit the unique needs of the patients. Ask the clinic whether they provide the same or not. It is definitely a good choice if they agree to provide customised dental treatment schedules.

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