For someone not aware of the term yet, malocclusion is basically the condition when the alignment of your teeth is not perfect even when the jaws are closed. It is basically the medical term used to denote crooked or overcrowded teeth. Both adolescents and adults suffering from this condition should be given immediate attention as it affects their social acceptability.

There are numerous Orthodontic centres scattered all over Guwahati, all you need to do is approach one offering affordable and effective oral equipment and staying away from the health issues of malocclusion will become easier for you. The orthodontist should have prior experience in treating malocclusion and tooth misalignment.

Know The 4 Health Issues Related With Malocclusion Before Approaching An Orthodontic Centre In Guwahati

  • Tooth Decay

The basic truth about malocclusion is that it will not only affect your beauty but also lead to tooth decay as cleaning them properly is almost like a challenge. Even if you try your level best to maintain oral hygiene, you brush can’t reach every corner of your teeth where bacteria might be hiding. Every orthodontist is aware of the fact that a cavity not only affects the mouth but can also lead to health issues like Alzheimer and heart diseases in the future.

  • Damaged Tooth Enamel

If you notice that your teeth have worn down, it might be because the tooth enamel has damaged. This can further lead to tooth decay. Though enamel is considered to be the hardest substance in our body, the misaligned teeth can wear it down with the passage of time making it incapable of protecting the softer part of our teeth from microbes. They also become susceptible to cavities if abnormal wear and tear have been the reason why the tooth enamel has broken down.

  • Jaw Problems

The number of people visiting an orthodontic centre in Guwahati with jaw problems has enhanced in the last few years. Jaw pain generally happens when the tooth enamel faces abnormal wear and tear which erodes it and it becomes susceptible to cavities. How the human jaw will operate is dependent on the arrangement of their tooth. The only way to stay away from the long-term jaw problem is by getting the issue of malocclusion treated by an experienced dentist.

  • Speech Difficulties

How you form words and communicate is largely dependent on the shape of your mouth. If a young child has been affected with malocclusion, shaping words will become difficult for him and he will face speech problem from a very young age. Not only will this have a negative impact on his self-esteem but even social interaction will become a daunting task for him. He won’t like performing in school which will have a negative impact on his academic and social life.

The easiest way to stay away from the health issues of Malocclusion stated above is by approaching a renowned orthodontic centre or Visit Dr Phukan Orthodental.