The bite alignment is a dental issue where the teeth don’t remain symmetrical to the ideal bite position. Most of these issues are caused by wider teeth and unequal position of the two jaw bones. It prevents one from chewing food properly.

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The bite alignment issues may seem like small problems, but you should ensure getting it fixed with the best orthodontic treatment in Guwahati. When you cannot chew food properly, your body will not get proper nourishment. The chances of tooth decay increase as a result.

Common Types of Bite Alignment Issues:

In this blog, you can find more details about common bite alignment issues.


Tooth crowding is a common issue you can fix with proper orthodontic treatment. It is caused due to a mismatched positioning between the teeth and the jaw. The orthodontist provides dental crowding treatment according to the patient’s oral condition.


This is a bite alignment issue where the upper teeth are positioned over the lower teeth. The lower dental set often gets covered by the upper teeth. In this problem, the overlapping teeth wear down the gums. This can be harmful to the surrounding bone and gum tissues.


It is just the opposite of the overbite issue. Here, the lower teeth overlap the upper sets and cause several oral problems. It can lead to several digestive issues and frequently comes with a Class III malocclusion. It is also sometimes known as an anterior crossbite.

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