Overbite or buck teeth is a common positioning problem that might be present in many people. This occurs when the top of the front teeth is extended beyond the lower teeth. The problem of overbite might either be severe or less. If a child develops the habit of thumb-sucking early, the overbite problem might arise. Individuals with severe overbite problems need to visit the best orthodontic clinic in Guwahati to get the same fixed immediately.

Read on to learn more about overbite problems and how to fix them.

How do Orthodontists Help to Overcome Overbite Problems?

Many orthodontists might say surgery is the only way to eliminate overbites. However, this is not the only solution. In the case of an adjustable overbite, the orthodontist generally suggests taking the help of braces. A brace can easily camouflage the jawline and hide the overbite problem. There are two types of dental overbites: the skeleton overbite and the dental overbite. Know in detail about the same.

Dental Overbites

Orthodontic treatments themselves are typically effective for treating dental overbites. Depending on the level of crowding or protrusion, rectification might or might not necessitate tooth extraction. If severely overcrowded teeth are realigned without removing teeth, the result may be protrusive or flared. Even though the jaws are the same size, if they are too narrow compared to the size of the teeth, something has to “give.” Even if the top and bottom teeth fit together properly in these situations, patients may feel like they have an overbite. If there isn’t enough bone to sustain the alignment of overlapping teeth, teeth may also need to be removed.

Skeletal Overbites

The condition is known as an overbite when you find discrepancies between the upper and the lower jaw sizes. Mostly due to underdeveloped lower jaws, skeletal overbites take place. The upper jaw might be big; however, with the help of dental implants, the same can be fixed without any issues.

Most people will lower their jaws to avoid opting for dental treatments or surgeries. They find camouflaging a more manageable option. Dentists generally use braces for these types of patients. This helps to camouflage the overbite issue. After removing the braces, you might need to wear a retainer for a few days to resolve the same at the earliest.

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