The impact of COVID-19 and the lockdown on our oral health has been quite drastic as people couldn’t schedule their regular dentist visits. Though there are numerous dental clinics scattered all over Guwahati, they were forced to close down during the lockdown. People who had booked appointments with their dentists had to cancel them and postpone their treatments. Even dental professionals were given guidelines on the Coronavirus threat.

When Will Dental Clinics Reopen?

The government has started releasing lockdown restrictions from June and all the dental clinics are expected to open soon. Dentists have to follow some dental practices which will not only make the treatment safer for their patients but also comfortable. If you are also planning to visit the dental clinic in your city after the lockdown, there are a few points you should consider.

What Changes Can You Expect After Booking An Appointment?

It is always advisable to book an appointment with your dentist over the telephone instead of visiting the clinic. There are high chances that the people-in-charge at your dental clinic will get in touch with you once you have scheduled an appointment and inquire about your health. It is mandatory for them to ask a few questions about you and of those staying with you. They might advice you to cancel the booking if they notice any signs of COVID- 19.

What Changes Can You Expect After Your Arrival?

If you want to secure your safety during the pandemic, make sure you choose the best Dental Clinic in Guwahati. Make sure you arrive on time as they schedule the appointment in such a way so that you can maintain social distancing. It will also help you spend less time in the waiting room. If you find the door closed after arriving, give them a call or ring the bell.

What Changes Can You Expect While Waiting At The Reception?

People at the dental clinic might check your temperature while you are waiting at the reception. They generally use ear thermometer and look for signs of a fever. They might ask you to sanitise your hands the moment you enter the dental clinic. The seats at the waiting room are also re-organised to maintain social distancing.

There might also be an additional protective barrier at reception to ensure a safe distance between the receptionist and the patients. Some dental clinics are quite concerned about the safety of their clients and dentists and ask them to wear a protective face mask and put away their belongings in a separate bag.

How Will The Dental Team Work?

You can even expect a change in how your dental team will work after the pandemic. Their focus will primarily be on ensuring your safety during the treatment. Having a well-ventilated treatment room is a must as it ensures that the same air is not circulating in the room. Some member of the team might even wear extra protective equipment like PPE. They will sterilise every equipment which will be used during the treatment. Instead of asking you to rinse your mouth, your dentist might clear it with suction. High levels of spray will be used during emergency procedures.

What Should You Do Before You Leave?

If you have to complete some paperwork before leaving the dental clinic, it is advisable to use your own pen when signing the paper. Even during payment, try to use a contactless card. If you want some information about your treatment, ask your dentist to send it via email or text instead of handing you a piece of paper or leaflet.

These being said, it’s time you plan your dental visit after the lockdown.