When it comes to a healthcare facility, especially dental clinics, infection prevention is important. A qualified dentist comes into close contact with their clients during the treatment. So, they need to implement some measures to prevent the spread of infection. This allows them to establish a safe and secure clinic environment.

Proper infection prevention comes down to following the necessary hygiene practices. Dental healthcare specialists wear the right personal protective equipment (PPE) and take the much-needed steps to ensure a hygienic space. Also, infection prevention is important to provide quality and expert care. Continue reading this blog to learn the hygiene practices of the best dental clinic in Guwahati.

What Steps Dental Clinics Take to Prevent Infection?

Equipment sterilization

To control dental clinic infection, equipment sterilization is extremely important. Many types of equipment are handled differently. Some make direct contact with gums, teeth, or broken skin. Here, dental clinic experts sterilize such equipment using either chemical vapour, steam under pressure, or dry heat. There are also some non-critical equipment that doesn’t require any kind of sterilization. They should be disinfected and cleaned by following the manufacturer’s directions. Dental healthcare experts take the necessary steps to ensure the equipment is safe for the next client.

Cleaning and disinfection practices

Reputable dental clinics prevent cross-contamination with proper hygiene maintenance. They know disinfecting and cleaning environmental surfaces is the perfect way to maintain a hygiene standard. Using intermediate-level or low-level disinfectants, they also clean clinical contact surfaces, like switches, light handles, computers, and taps.

Hand hygiene

The best dentist in Guwahati strictly follows proper hand hygiene to prevent the spread of infection. They properly clean their hands before and after contact with clients. Lastly, they use an alcohol-based hand rub with a minimum of 60% to 90% alcohol concentration.

Protective gear

Dental care providers take the necessary precautions to prevent the transfer of viruses and bacteria. They wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to avoid pathogen exposure. The most vital pieces of equipment are eyewear, gloves, face shields, and facemasks.

To sum up, these are the hygiene practices that dental clinics follow to keep their clients safe and healthy. Approach Dr Phukan Dental Clinic if you want to get treated by the best dentist in Guwahati. Visit our clinic to get the best dental care services while ensuring the safety of your health. To know more, go through the website. Or contact us today to book an appointment online.