Having white, healthy, aligned and beautiful teeth is something everyone wants. No wonder, the services offered by dental clinics or Orthodontics centre are gradually enhancing. They offer a wide range of services to enhance the beauty of your smile. If your teeth aren’t straight naturally, one of the cosmetic treatments you can consider is braces. A majority of the cosmetic dental centre offers braces at a price that suits your budget. Cleaning misplaced, crowded or crooked teeth are too difficult and this can lead to tooth decay with the passage of time. Whether you are opting for braces to prevent some sort of medical issues or have some cosmetic reasons, you can undergo the treatment with complete peace of mind. But if you still can’t understand whether you need braces or not, there are a few symptoms indicating that you should.

4 Early Symptoms Indicating That You Need Braces

  • Examine The Teeth
Have a look at the mirror and check whether your teeth look crooked or crowded. If the position of the teeth seems imperfect when the jaws are closed, it indicates that you are suffering from malocclusion. If it looks that your teeth are overlapping each other, protruding significantly from those beside it or sitting sideways, just undergo braces from a reliable Cosmetic Dental Centre in Guwahati. Treating crowded teeth becomes easier with braces.
  • Teeth Too Apart
When you look in the mirror, don’t just look for crooked or crowded teeth but also check whether they seem too far apart. Proportionally smaller teeth, missing teeth or large gaps between teeth can lead to greater teeth problems. The functioning of your jaw and bite can become faulty. Braces offered by almost every Orthodontic Centre in Guwahati helps a lot in dealing with the issue of improper spacing between teeth.
  • Check Your Bite
Take a bite and check whether all your teeth are properly fitting together. There are situations when people notice that the space between their lower and upper teeth is too large or one of them is significantly protruding the other. If you are also facing a similar situation, it is a clear indication that you are suffering from a bite problem which can be corrected by opting for braces. If you are facing crossbite too frequently, visit a dental clinic in Guwahati and ask the dentist whether you need braces.
  • Food Getting Stuck
Since this is a quite common issue, people often tend to neglect it as a sign that they need to undergo brace treatment. This is why visiting a reliable dental clinic is a must if food is getting stuck in your teeth on a regular basis. Stuck food becomes a breeding place for bacteria and leads to tooth decay or complicated gum diseases. Braces help in getting rid of those pockets and gaps. These being said, it’s time you approach a reliable cosmetic dental centre in your area if you are facing any of the symptoms stated above or else visit Dr Phukan Orthodental