Improving your ‘orofacial’ appearance gets easier with braces. It is one of the most common orthodontic treatments used by patients suffering from crowded or crooked teeth, jaw joints disorder or incorrect jaw position. If you are having difficulties in chewing or biting food or feel that your teeth are protruding, approach a renowned orthodontic centre and let your orthodontist assess the issue first. They can even answer your few queries about braces so that you can undergo the treatment with complete peace of mind

5 Common Queries about Brace Treatment Have Been Answered By Orthodontists In Guwahati

  • “When Is The Right Age To Undergo The Treatment?”

If you are facing any orthodontic problem, this treatment will be beneficial for you at any age. Our orthodontists feel that children between the age group of 10 to 14 years can opt for brace placement as their body is still growing and so it will be easier for the teeth to straighten. This is regarded to be a sensitive age group and so extra care should be taken if the child gets traumatised making an adjustment in their facial appearance.

  • “What Type Of Brace Should I Wear?”

Let our orthodontist in Guwahati take this decision on your behalf as they know which brace appliance will work the best for your teeth problem. The three common varieties of brackets they generally offer are metals, plastic and ceramic. If you want the braces to be less visible, opt for the ceramic variety instead of the metal ones. You can also attach concealed or lingual brackets to the back of your teeth and keep them hidden from view.

  • “How Long Will My Braces Be On?”

How long you have to wear the braces is completely dependent on the treatment plan. Your period of treatment might be a bit longer if the issue is complicated or you are older. Generally, orthodontists advise patients to wear full braces for at least a span of 1 to 2 years. After which you have to wear a retainer which helps to align and set the tissues around the teeth that are being straightened.

  • “Will The Braces Be Uncomfortable?”

Just visit any renowned orthodontic Centre in Guwahati and they will ensure that the treatment isn’t uncomfortable for you. They apply a minimal pressure on the braces as it is necessary to slowly shift the teeth to the desired position. Though you might face slight soreness after the treatment, the discomfort will vanish soon. This soreness is generally experienced by patients with aligners.

  • “How Much Vital Oral Hygiene Is After The Treatment?”

The importance of oral hygiene enhances after you undergo a brace treatment. Tiny food particles might get trapped between the braces so it is necessary for you to brush your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush after each meal. Use a floss threader to floss between the braces and the underwire. Take your time and be careful while cleaning your teeth.

Since your common queries about braces have been answered, it’s time to approach a reliable orthodontic centre and make the most out of the treatment.