Halitosis or bad breath is not only embarrassing but can even lead to anxiety. Though you can temporarily fight the issue using gum, mouthwashes and mints, these temporary measures are not capable of addressing the real cause of the problem and so it pertains even after years. You will be surprised to know that there are some people with little or no mouth odour who are too conscious about their breath while some are not even aware that they are suffering from bad breath. This is primarily because the intensity of bad breath varies depending on its underlying cause. The easiest way to confirm the problem is by asking any of your close friends or relatives or visiting a dental clinic.

Issue Of Bad Breath

Visit Your Dentist Before It’s Too Late

If the issue has not become too serious, you can deal with bad breath by reviewing your oral hygiene habits. Make some small changes in your lifestyle like drinking a lot of water, brushing your tongue and teeth thoroughly after eating and using dental floss. If you can’t overcome the issue even after these changes, it is an indication sign that you need to visit a dental clinic in Guwahati. They have experienced dentists who will assess the condition and let you know the reason behind it.

4 Common Reasons Leading To Bad Breath

  • Food

A foul odour can be caused when bacteria increases due to the breakdown of food particles in your mouth. Few common food items which can cause bad breath are garlic, onion and spices. They enter our bloodstream after they get digested and reach our lungs which have a negative impact on our breath.

  • Bad Dental Hygiene

This is considered to be one of the most common reasons behind bad breath. There are high chances for food particles to remain in your mouth if you don’t brush your teeth regularly and floss them. Plaque is a sticky layer of bacteria which forms over the surface of your teeth and causes bad breath.  Unless plaque is brushed away, they will irritate the gums and form pockets between the gums and teeth.

  • Medical Conditions

People suffering from any sort of nose, throat or mouth condition might suddenly notice that they are having bad breath. This generally happens when small stones form in the tonsils and get covered with bacteria and produce a foul odour. Postnasal drip caused due to infections or chronic inflammation in the sinuses, throat and nose can also lead to bad breath.

  • Dry Mouth

Since saliva is responsible for removing particles from your mouth which can lead to bad odour by cleaning them, people suffering from xerostomia or dry mouth can have bad breath. Morning breath worsens as our mouth becomes dry when we sleep, especially if someone sleeps with their mouth open. Chronic dry mouth occurs if you have some problem with your salivary glands.

Since your knowledge about bad breath has enhanced, it’s time you start looking for a renowned dental clinic and let experienced dentists deal with the issue.