It is indeed a grave mistake to ignore oral health issues such as losing a tooth or any gum related ailment. They are often mistaken as petty problems but can give rise to much significant health hazards. Hence, any oral issue must be addressed at the earliest by visiting the best dentist doctor in Guwahati. Teeth remain connected to the major organs in your body via the delicate network of nerves. Thus, they have a significant role to play in sensory reception and proprioception or the sense of position and movement. So, tooth loss can lead to critical illnesses.

How can a tooth loss hamper your overall health and wellbeing?

First and foremost, losing a tooth causes great difficulty in terms of one’s ability to speak and chew. Studies have further revealed that losing a tooth might change the structure of the brain. It also leads to bouts of depression and anxiety. There can also be problems of motor cognitive, sensory, and emotional difficulties associated with losing your tooth.

Tooth is a significant attribute for the jawbone to regenerate and remain healthy.  Once, you start losing your teeth, the entire structure of jawbone starts degenerating and is weakened. Thus, it gets prone to infections and might get fractured as well.  A weak jawbone even put up an aged appearance before you have grown old.

How to fix the problem of a lost tooth?

There is a straightforward solution to the grave problem. Any reputed dentist in Guwahati will be able to help you out in fixing the issue quickly. It is only about getting dental implants. They will stabilise the jawbone and will restore the natural feature of the jawline along with prevention of the sensory problems.

Dental implants constitute a contemporary method of tooth replacement. It uses titanium implants that keep the root of the tooth attached with the dental crown resembling the natural procedure.  The crown looks quite natural and is the only part that remains visible in the implant, which lies in the jawline underneath the gum that holds the implant firmly. Titanium is a biocompatible metal and over time gets fused to the jawbone offering a completely natural look. This process is referred to as osseointegration.

Advantages of implants

  • They offer a permanent solution.
  • They offer a natural appearance.
  • They don’t require any maintenance in the long run.

Types of implants

  • Endosteal Implants
  • Subperiosteal Implants

An experienced dentist helps in umpteen dental treatment apart from tooth replacement with implants. They offer advice about securing removable dentures that stand as an anchorage device. Other orthodontic functions are also taken care of by dental professionals. There are critical options for getting intraoral screening to select the implant size also come up.  Then the best dentist doctor in Guwahati extends all the support in tracing the right location and angle for placing the implants.

They help out with Basal implantology used for finding the cortical portion of the jawbone to place the implant. There is a unique All-in-4 treatment when a stable denture is placed with the aid of 4 implants. This treatment works wonders when a tooth is lost due to some gum disease or decay. Paying a visit to the dentist at regular intervals is a great practice. Follow the regime and stay safe and healthy.